Xtra Chef MRP: 5500

Xtra Chef MRP:5500

xtra chef

xtra chef

  • Chop and blend various types of food in no time.
  • It’s ideal for sauces, as well as all‐in‐one preparations such as omelettes, lassi, milkshakes and even baby food.
  • Three sharp curved blades allow quick and thorough chopping.
  • The paddle is designed to whisk and mix and, is easy to clean. Great for preparing chutneys, dips and blend chilla or cake batter.


  1. Total Capacity : 1.35 L
  2. Funnel Capacity (with measurements) : 50 ml allows adding liquids.
  3. Easy to use and clean.
  4.  warranty applicable on blades and chopper top.


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