Quick Shake

Quick Shake MRP:345

quick shake

  • Simplify your life with Tupperware’s Food Preparation range.
  • Cooking food becomes a freeze with these versatile products!
  • Spill proof spout and airtight seal, enables you can churn a variety of
    drinks in the Quick Shake and take them on the go!
  • Blend juices, milk shakes or make salad dressings, sauces and even puddings in this product.

Features/ specifications:

To use:

  • Place ingredients in the container, insert blender wheel so it
    rests on the ledge, apply seal and shake vigorously.
  • Capacity of Quick Shake is 500 ml.
  • Removable blender wheel is quite easy to blend and clean.
  • Tapered shape allows easy shaking and mixing.
  • Domed shape and hinged pouring spout provide extra space for effective mixing.
  • Metric and cup measurements on the body for accurate measuring.
  • Classic sheer material helps monitor contents.