Handy Grater

Handy Grater MRP:395

handy grater tupperware

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  • Simplify your life with Tupperware’s Food Preparation range.
  • Cooking food becomes a freeze with these versatile products!
  • The all-purpose Handy Grater lets you choose between fine and coarse grating.
  • It comes with a container and seal, allowing you to grate, serve and store in the same container!
  • Use it to grate cheese, chocolate, vegetables and fruits for attractive salads, spreads, garnishes and making purees as well.

Features/ Specifications:

  1. Handle to hold while grating.
  2. Two sides to choose between coarse and fine grating.
  3. Recessed side on the grater allows juices to drain into the dish.
  4. Large holes on the grater make it easy to clean and resist food from sticking.