Health Tips

Health Benefits Of Millets


Millets are anti acidic Millets are gluten free Millets detoxify body Niacin (vitamin B3) in millet can help lower cholesterol Prevents breast cancer Helps to prevent type 2 diabetes Effective in reducing blood pressure Helps to protect against heart diseases Aids in treating respiratory conditions such as asthma Helps to optimize kidney, liver and immune system health Reduces risk of ...

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What Foods to Eat for your various needs


Foods to eat before workout: Smoothies, Oatmeal with Fresh Fruits. Egg whites, Banana PEanut Butter Toast, Hearty Salad, Yogurt with Whole Grain Cereal, Granola Bar, Black Coffee, Hummus and Pita Foods To Eat After WorkOut: Egg Scramble, whey protein, avocado toast, protein bar, Cotage cheese and fruit, greek Yogurt with fruit, salmon tuna, apple and peanut butter and dried fruits ...

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Health Benefits : Turmeric Milk / Haldi Milk


    How to Prepare Turmeric Milk Health Benefits : Turmeric milk helps build immunity Gives relief from a cough and cold It is a good remedy for digestive problems It is a liver tonic It is an excellent blood purifier Clarifies the skin Gives relief from autoimmune diseases It’s a good headache remedy Reduces arthritic pain Improves reproductive health ...

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